Gigabit internet and MikroTik routers

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Gigabit internet and MikroTik routers

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I recently got gigabit internet and prior to that a new MikroTik router with gigabit ethernet.

My previous router -

My new router -

Suffice to say the new router was rather cheap, 50 euros, I really like it, it has many ethernet ports, a touchscreen LCD screen and it just looks a bit cooler than my last one, but my main reason for purchasing it was gigabit ethernet ports, I enjoy using MikroTik because of RouterOS and it's capabilities, although I have not used either routers to their full potential, I have not had the need to configure anything serious or difficult since all I really need is internet for me and my barely handful devices.

Since I switched to gigabit, the browsing experience has been a good bit better, faster load times, but, for example, Steam downloads still suck and some webpages just suck as well. Overall I am enjoying gigabit and well sadly the problem with modern webpages is that the devs expect everyone to have stable and fast internet speeds, so that's why they do not bother optimising their webpages and make them heavy thus slowing down for people with slower speeds than mine.

What are your experiences with gigabit internet? Did you enjoy it, was it good? Or was it absolutely horrendous? And what kind of brand routers do you all use? I really enjoy my "pro" router brand, it's even local, it's a Latvian brand!
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Re: Gigabit internet and MikroTik routers

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Over here, we lend routers from the ISP and return them when we end our subscription. And they always provide Gigabit ethernet. It's funny how something that's trivial to yourself can be novel to someone else. I don't mean that in a demeaning way; I really think it makes you more grateful.

My friend from highschool is the only person I know who bothers replacing the default router. I believe he has his own modem. I flashed his device with openwrt with him years ago. That was a pretty fun project. I believe that nowadays he uses tomato.

Good on you for supporting your local business.
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