Maui thread

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Maui thread

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This thread is for observations and questions regarding the fires in Maui. Here's an introductory video:

Now, here's a question. The apparent spontaneous combustion of cars is a phenomenon we've seen once before: on 9/11. That's why there's speculation of DEWs. But there's another explanation for those cars on 9/11, namely the use of nukes. Which of those weapons do you think was used, and why? Is it safe to assume the same weapon was used on Maui and 9/11, or could the same damage have been caused by different weapons?

(Yes, I've stated before that I'm not convinced of the existence of nukes, but that's beside the point. I'm skeptical, meaning I'll believe things when I see enough evidence for them. And I was talking about the kind of nuke that destroys entire cities. I think small nukes are real.)


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