Resident Evil 6 (PC): My review

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Resident Evil 6 (PC): My review

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This game is almost excellent, but also it is as awful as the situation it describes. You're in combat, aiming at something? Here's a tiny cutscene, during which the zombies are going to charge you. You're down? Oh, here's another tiny cutscene, and now you're up but the zombies are now hugging you on 5 sides with no hope of of getting out alive.

Oh, you're doing something? Here's a quicktime event to interrupt you. Mini cutscenes and quicktime events are about every 5 seconds of this game.

So even if somehow you are able to master the keyboard & mouse settings (good luck!) or you are pro at using an Xbox controller, well... The game will ensure you can't achieve anything through cutscene and quicktime event overload.

As I wrote above, it's close to being good, but in fact it's horrible.