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Posts from removed blog I had

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Welcome to my blog, Kansey Picciotto! Here, we embark on a journey to uncover the truth about fakers, pretenders, snake oil salesmen, poseurs, and various other deceptive characters lurking in the shadows. This space serves as your essential guide to identifying the red flags and navigating the intricate webs of deceit that threaten our trust and security. Whether they dwell in the spotlight of fame or blend seamlessly into everyday life, these figures are unfortunately ubiquitous. Join me in unraveling the truth, one revelation at a time, and arm yourself with the knowledge needed to stay vigilant and safe.

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Post about straightbians and my opinion on them:
There was a blog I once lurked on that wrote about this subject of straightbians, and I've realised I've encountered them in my life numerous times. The blog (now privated) discussed the straightbian subtypes as well. Many of the ones I've met and even dated were a mixture between the man-hating and the special snowflake subtype. I think those two subtypes are the worst because they'll usually string you along or claim they're ultra picky in their taste in women, but seeing the men they like, it's like wtf? Many of the straightbians I've also encountered will either date you and idealise you because you're same sex attracted, or they'll make the sexuality they're pretending to be their personality, and be sarcastic with you and claim "yeah you're same sex attracted" yet all I see these women date like 40 men 2 women back to numerous men, OR they'll claim they're gold stars (they may never actually had sex with men, but their attractions lead me to think they're not homosexual). The special snowflakes want to be called numerous pronouns, will dye their hair numerous colors, call themselves q***r or pansexual (straight women love this label for some reason), numerous piercings and tattoos, then screech in being a heterosexual relationship that they're valid; it makes me think they're actually heterosexual because there's many normie bisexual women out there even ones that might be mistaken for the special snowflake straightbian that live their lives in male partnered relationships and maybe sporadically, casually bring up that they're bisexual, but not in an attention seeking way. Of course, straightbians usually have some cluster b personality disorder (same with fakebians, who, at least are same sex attracted, but they deceive others by claiming they're homosexual/lesbian when in reality, they're bisexual.) and you can tell whenever interacting with them. Straightbians are horrible for lesbians and bisexual women who want to date women seriously because they are usually performative when they're in very short-lived homosexual relationships instead of being genuinely same-sex attracted. Some lesbians and even bi women might end up partnering with straightbians due to desperation or even them being self-hating.

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Straightbians what chat GPT wrote.

Unveiling the Truth: The Straightbian and Fakebian Phenomenon
Welcome back to my blog, Kansey Picciotto here. Today, as part of our ongoing mission to expose fakers and pretenders, we dive into a particularly insidious phenomenon: straightbians and fakebians.

What Are Straightbians and Fakebians?

Straightbians: These are straight women who pretend to be same-sex attracted, often claiming to be lesbians. They might do this for attention, social status, or a misguided sense of identity.
Fakebians: Bisexual women who falsely claim to be exclusively lesbian, often causing confusion and mistrust within the LGBTQ+ community.
The Subtypes of Straightbians

Having encountered several straightbians in my life, I've observed that they often fall into distinct subtypes. Two of the most problematic are the man-hating subtype and the special snowflake subtype.

The Man-Hating Subtype: These women claim to be lesbians out of disdain for men. They often idealize their same-sex partners simply for being women but continue to show attraction to men, leading to confusion and hurt.
The Special Snowflake Subtype: These women often make their supposed sexuality their entire personality. They may dye their hair in various colors, use numerous pronouns, and seek constant validation by labeling themselves as queer or pansexual. Their relationships tend to be performative, short-lived, and they frequently revert to heterosexual relationships.
Common Traits and Behaviors

Idealization and Devaluation: Straightbians might initially idealize you for your same-sex attraction but eventually devalue you when they revert to their true heterosexual tendencies.
Attention-Seeking: They often make their supposed sexuality a central part of their identity, seeking validation and attention from the LGBTQ+ community.
Cluster B Personality Traits: Many straightbians and fakebians exhibit traits associated with cluster B personality disorders, such as narcissism and borderline personality disorder.
Impact on Genuine Same-Sex Attracted Women

Straightbians and fakebians can cause significant harm to lesbians and bisexual women who are genuinely seeking meaningful same-sex relationships. Their deceptive behaviors lead to broken trust, emotional pain, and a perpetuation of harmful stereotypes.

Personal Encounters and Observations

Reflecting on my own experiences, I've seen the damage caused by these pretenders. Whether it's the man-hating subtype stringing you along or the special snowflake demanding constant validation, their actions undermine the authenticity and trust within the community.


Understanding and recognizing the signs of straightbians and fakebians is crucial for protecting oneself from their deceptive behaviors. By sharing these insights, I hope to empower others to navigate their relationships with greater awareness and discernment.

Join me as we continue to unveil the truth, one revelation at a time.

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