How the Fed keeps you poor

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How the Fed keeps you poor

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It's a wealth transfer from all who produce within that currency and buy in that currency to the banks. A dollar is just command over some purchasing power in a market. If you produce one grocery store shelf worth of equivalent goods a day you should be able to buy one grocery store shelf worth of goods. But you have to compete in purchasing with other people who also have a claim to purchasing power, some of whom did not produce anything to get that purchasing power, and therefore as a reward for your work, independent of taxation, you will receive less goods than you produced. Some of those who did not produce equal to their purchasing power in that period are those on welfare, and also those who took loans from banks. Now those who took loans do not have a free lunch. They owe that money back and more importantly have a payment schedule with interest whose net present value is near the value of the lump sum they received. The free lunch that robs you of your production belongs to the bank who gained access to that money in certain periods at negative real interest, and in more moderate periods, access to a below market interest rate.

Taking the period where the interbank lending rate is a negative real interest rate, because accepting those loans is actually a requirement of those banks; The bank "must" receive these loans if their cash equivalent reserves drops below a required reserve rate, the large banks basically have license set the volume of these loans. When it costs you zero interest to take out a loan, the term of the loan is undetermined and or can be paid from other artificially low interest rate loans, and you set the volume, this is equivalent to possessing a money printer yourself.

So the major banks in the country have been operating at times as if they own money printers. And at other times in a position between that and a fair market. And we are shocked that they have claim to nearly all property in the country and we have to essentially rent access to goods we the public produced.