Why is Trump getting arrested?

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Why is Trump getting arrested?

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Trump's arrest is scheduled for next Thursday. But if he's controlled opposition, then his arrest is also part of the theatre. What's the point of this? Is it simply part of a demoralization campaign? Do they aim to provoke a civil war? Are the purges coming? Or do you think Trump is genuine and his persecution should likewise be taken at face value?

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Re: Why is Trump getting arrested?

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I dont care about trump
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Re: Why is Trump getting arrested?

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Because Trump went after the DC Swamp, now the corruptness of the Liberal Democrats are after Trump.
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Re: Why is Trump getting arrested?

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They definitely aim to provoke a civil war. What do you think all this identity politics and rioting has been about? Their plan is to radicalize the GOP as much as possible and push them toward fascism, so they can manufacture evidence for their claim that the right is all Nazis. At the higher levels they want everyone obsessed with identity politics, because that way the people will beg for more government control to enforce their values on everyone and persecute their enemies; and at this point all major platforms are doing so. It's a very obvious psyop to turn the USA into a dictatorship, but 99.9% of people are too distracted by tribal feuds to realize that they're being played. It could either be run by the deep state, or another country trying to subvert us, or both; it's hard to tell at this point, but it's undeniable that someone is successfully turning this country into an Orwellian regime. Someone like Sheev Palpatine, who knows how to manipulate people and events in his favor, before finally declaring his absolute power. If you look up USSR techniques for subverting a country into communism, as explained by a former KGB agent, you can see that the US has already undergone much of the process.

In Trump's case they're mad that their "joke" GOP candidate beat Hillary Clinton, who they were sure had a guaranteed win against him. And Trump, unlike every other major politician, is not in with the deep state, making him an actually serious threat. It does not matter if he wants to become the same kind of dictator they do, because if he wins they don't get to be in charge. Trump's massive ego and foul manners don't help either, it puts his idiocy on full display which makes him an easy target. And I think he partly does that on purpose, because the Streisand Effect is a real thing. How many people would like Trump if he hadn't been blasted by every media outlet since he announced his campaign?
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