Econ videos

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Econ videos

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This is a video I quite liked called Heaton Fixes the Housing Crisis.

I'm noticing this format is more conducive to discussion than link sharing. A one off link with no commentary seems odd to share. Maybe that's a positive thing. But maybe it presents a problem for adaptation of Reddit communities to here. I might post more than one video here as things go. But we will see with that trend is for other people, if single content posts become the norm.

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Re: Econ videos

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It does look ugly when a post just consists of a single link. Note that there's a [media] tag that can embed videos. I'm not sure it works with Invidious, but it works with regular youtube videos. That makes a post borderline acceptable. But the real solution is something like an "Economy general" thread (in this case) where videos like this one can be posted.
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