What conspiracy convinced you to no longer trust the narrative?

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Re: What conspiracy convinced you to no longer trust the narrative?

by Horrux » Mon Jun 12, 2023 10:41 pm

The Jews. No conspiracy other than the Jews themselves. I was working in portfolio management, and the end of the .com boom came crashing down. I had predicted and expected it, so it was no surprise to me. But then I saw the same Jew, Alan Greenspan, who had been criticising the rising market of the 90s with comments like "this is irrational exuberance", now suddenly turning positive for the markets, now that they were in freefall. This lit a light bulb in my mind.

Then on 9/10 I heard another Jew, Donald Rumsfeld, tell us about how he can't find 2 trillion dollars in the pentagon, it just vanished, nothing he can do about it, shucks, poor guy, right? That little light lit by Greenspan glowed a bit more strongly. Of course, I had barely enough time to think about this that 9/11 came and ANOTHER JEW, "Lucky" Larry Silverstein was attempting to collect double insurance on the WTC buildings even though he himself said "we decided to pull it". And it came down within a few hours of having a couple broken windows and a tiny fire. Oh, and that building contained the financial records of some high profile SEC fraud cases, committed by yet more Jews.

Then I saw them: Jews. Everywhere. And everywhere they were, scams, lies, and hoaxes. Moar Jews, moar disgusting shit. Stealing, murdering, raping, pillaging, enslaving, and celebrating it all while playing the victims.

Re: What conspiracy convinced you to no longer trust the narrative?

by LS2 » Mon Sep 12, 2022 7:04 pm

The truth about Kurt Cobain's death (i.e. murder) is what woke me up definitively. I watched a 6 hour long presentation about it on YouTube and it changed my life. The discrepancy between the actual details I learnt, and the picture that's been painted by the MSM, is unnatural. I was never someone who paid much attention to the news, but I didn't imagine it to be compromised to this degree, which afterward became clear as day.

Regarding Covid: things have mostly gone back to normal now, but that brings with it a certain frustration: now the relevance of the subject is gone, people don't want to hear about it anymore, and it seems there will never be justice. The brainwashing is complete and the perpetrators are getting away with it. So for me it isn't that this planet doesn't feel like home anymore, but rather that there's nothing left to do but get assimilated again into the society that subscribes to fairy tales like the official Covid narrative. I can't fight it, so I might as well enjoy my time by going out and simply avoid the subject.

What conspiracy convinced you to no longer trust the narrative?

by UmbrellaCorp » Mon Sep 12, 2022 5:13 pm

For me, 9/11 was a wake up call, but I didn't really grasp it until I watched the interviews with ground zero witnesses some 9 years later. Nobody ever saw a first plane, an explosion went off in the basement before small explosions through the building, thermite rained down from the windows. All those who interviewed got suicided.

Since then it's been one mistrust after another, and sitting back bemused as the general public casually accepts lie after lie from the government and media.

COVID exposed how complicit people have become. Every day now I tell the wifu I want to get off this planet, it ain't home any more.